Oversize Glass. TVITEC can process pieces of up to 12 metrers long in double and triple glazing on a single sheet.

Also ceramic frit, laminated an tempered safety glasses in all types of ranges, shapes an manufacures or finishes.


The latest technology equipment from Tvitec is capable of processin different types of glass up to 12.000 x 3210 mm and in different thicnesses.

In this way it is possible to meet the technical requirements, creativity and inspiration of first line architecs and construction companies of and contribute to the eco-efficiency in the building industry.

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The Great Dimension of Tvitec opens the doors to a new concept of facades and spaces that are absolutely luminous clean for the vision of the surrondings an create absolutely exquisite panoramas. 


In some cases they are iconic pieces for envelopes, podiums or accesses of very exclusive design. Always attending to the meximum security and contributing to energetic saving and also to the own costs of the installation when handling pieces of enormous volume.

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